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Photos and text, unless otherwise noted, Copyright 2006 - Alan M. Pavlik

If you use any of these photos for commercial purposes I assume you'll discuss that with me

These were shot with a Nikon D70 - using lens (1) AF-S Nikkor 18-70 mm 1:35-4.5G ED, or (2) AF Nikkor 70-300mm telephoto, or after 5 June 2006, (3) AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor, 55-200 mm f/4-5.6G ED. They were modified for web posting using Adobe Photoshop 7.0

The original large-format raw files are available upon request.

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Thursday, 23 February 2006
Times Change: The Old Queen Mary Meets the New Queen Mary
Topic: Unusual Events

Times Change: The Old Queen Mary Meets the New Queen Mary
Thursday, February 23, 2006 - the historic first meeting of "two of the world's great ocean liners." The recently launched Queen Mary 2, the new giantess, sailed into Long Beach Harbor, up beside the original Queen Mary, permanently docked out here. The old Queen Mary is in financial trouble - its operating company is owned by a business that filed for bankruptcy last March and owes the city millions in back rent. The hotel and museum are still open, for now. The Queen Mary 2 is part of Carnival Cruise Lines, as they bought the Cunard Line, and the Queen Mary name, in 1998. They operate Cunard as a two-ship subsidiary. Times change.

Thousands of people turned out to see these two together - the roads were jammed and the skies filled with news helicopters and there were skydivers and such things. An unusual event, and a good photo-op, of course.

You will find a new photo album of the event here, thirty-five shots, mostly at high shutter speed with the telephoto lens.

The Los Angeles Times write-up of the event is here and there's more background form the Times here. In 1936 the first-class cabin round trip in the Queen Mary from New York to England and back cost $536. The Queen Mary 2 is charging from $7,749 to $79,349, per person, double occupancy, for its thirty-six day South America cruise from Los Angeles.

Here are a few shots from the album. More will appear in high-resolution in the next issue of Just Above Sunset. And here you will find the Just Above Sunset page of aerial views of Long Beach and the Queen Mary from August 2005.

The new Queen Mary 2 with mixed shipping -

You have to love the flourishes –

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Wednesday, 22 February 2006
Westwood Tower and...
Topic: West of Hollywood

Westwood Tower and…

Westwood Village is the commercial center of Westwood, sort of its downtown, at the south edge of the UCLA campus, about seven miles west of Hollywood. The place is filled with old Mediterranean-revival architecture (specially designed by the founders of Westwood, the Janns brothers, to complement UCLA's Romanesque buildings), all converted and reconverted many times into other uses.

Here's one. It now houses a dentist's office on the main floor. The three kinds of verticals are amusing.

There aren't a whole lot of people of color in the area, so no one seems offended by the sign above the dentist's door. UCLA has not adopted this as its school motto.

Westwood: Mixed Mode - see this page (PDF format) from a recently amended city planning document, a list of the many "Locally Significant Historic Resources" - addresses of interesting buildings with architectural style and date of construction. Then look at this and see city planning at work.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2006
Oscar Time
Topic: The Movies

Oscar Time
The seventy-eighth Academy Awards will be presented on Sunday, March 5, 2006 - at the Kodak Theatre at the Hollywood and Highland Center. That's just a mile or two east, so for those of you who follow such things, here's the scene there Thursday, February 16th, sixteen days before the event, as preparations begin, and the tourists mill about. From the top level of the Kodak Theater where the event is held, look down - Miss Piggy as Marilyn Monroe at the Virgin Store, just to the left of where the stars walk in on the red carpet (you have to love the irony) -

Some people take this movie stuff seriously -

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Monday, 20 February 2006
High-Resolution Photography - Archives
High resolution photography pages at Just Above Sunset
Below are links to photographs in Just Above Sunset, the weekly magazine-format site that is parent to this photo web log. The pages there provide large-format high-resolution photographs of many of the photographs here or the photo albums (see the left panel), often with extensive text providing background and links to other resources. These links will open those pages in a new window and are arranged, generally, by subject.

Architectural Studies

Landmark Architecture - The Long Beach Monster - new 5 November 2006
Architectural Note - Different Times - new 5 November 2006
1927 Rococo Madness - The Avalon Hollywood, 1735 North Vine, Hollywood - a Rococo Palace - new 8 October 2006
Verticals - the Equitable Building - 1929, by Alexander Curlett, on the northeast corner of Hollywood and Vine - new 8 October 2006
Hollywood Architecture - The North Harper Avenue Historic District - new 1 October 2006 Fine Living in Hollywood's Golden Age - new 20 August 2006
Color: Pink Trashy Walls - new 20 August 2006
Architectural Details - new 30 July 2006
An Office: Just what it should look like... - new 23 July 2006
Architecture: Hollywood in the Twenties (four nested pages) - new 16 July 2006
Architecture: Good Old Buildings (four pages, four styles) - new 2 July 2006 Architecture: Folk Art - new 25 June 2006
Architecture: Architectural Detail and Hollywood History - new 11 June 2006
Architecture: One Of The Finest Examples Of Art Deco Architecture In The United States (The Wiltern) - new 7 May 2006
Architecture: At the Walt Disney Concert Hall - new 23 April 2006
Zigzag Time - new 2 April 2006
Old Art Deco Hollywood - new 2 April 2006
Color: The Pacific Design Center - new 26 March 2006
The Getty Center: Architectural and Cultural Notes with Seven Pages of Photos
Architectural Ruins: Ennis House - Frank Lloyd Wright - Los Angeles, 1924
The Wright Stuff: The Frank Lloyd Wright Stoner House in Hollywood (1923)
Union Station, Los Angeles
Landmark Architecture: On Location at the Bradbury Building
Past Glory: Broadway Movie Palaces, Los Angeles
Randy's Donuts: The Quintessential LA Landmark
Hollywood Landmarks: Worldly and Otherworldly
The Good Ship Coca-Cola
Ephemera: Catching the Past in Los Angeles Before it Disappears - the Tail O' the Pup
Unchanging Los Angeles: Service on Sawtelle Boulevard
Close-Up: Hollywood Architectural Detail
Old Hollywood: Here, water cascades from the mouths of lions into multiple pools and waterways….
Hollywood Doors: The Private and the Public
Modern Architecture: Spatial Ambiguity
Whimsical Architecture: Where are the Hobbits?
French Hollywood
Architectural Notes - a bit of old Hollywood
Neighborhood Architecture (Hollywood)
Architectural Color: West Side Whimsy
Architecture of Note

Documenting Hollywood

A Feel for the Place - Graphic Design and More - new 29 October 2006
Looking Rich - In the Land of Not Quite What It Seemsnew 29 October 2006
Façades of All Sorts - new 22 October 2006
Hollywood - The Dead - new 22 October 2006
Hollywood Halloween (Costumes and Wigs) - new 15 October 2006
Ghosts under Glass - new 15 October 2006
Graphics as Culture - new 15 October 2006
Full-On Color - Walls at the Howard Fine Acting Studio at the Hollywood Playhouse Complex - new 8 October 2006
Paris Cat Fight - See Where the Rich and Famous Punch Each Other Out - new 8 October 2006
Hollywood Reflections - Shooting Odd Things through Glass - new 24 September 2006
Faded Stars - Old Hollywood - new 10 September 2006
High on Sunset - Some very strange images - new 10 September 2006
Hollywood Walls - Looking closely at things - new 10 September 2006
Paparazzi Time (on actually being attacked by paparazzi on Hollywood Boulevard) - new 3 September 2006
Characters: Hollywood This Week - new 30 July 2006
Glamour Restored: The George Stanley Fountain at the Hollywood Bowl - new 23 July 2006
Hollywood Today: Things Have Changed - new 16 July 2006
Movie Madness: "Filmstrip USA" by Natalie Krol - new 9 July 2006
Landmarks: The Forgotten Major Studio - new 2 July 2006
Quick Shots - new 25 June 2006
Icons - new 18 June 2006
The Hollywood Tourist - new 18 June 2006
The Movies: Hollywood Murals Old and New - new 18 June 2006
Oddities: Fooling the Eye in Hollywood - new 11 June 2006
Landmarks: Things Not To Do In Los Angeles - new 11 June 2006
Odd Shot: The Pause That Refreshes - new 11 June 2006
Classic Hollywood (the famous theaters) - new 28 May 2006
Fame: Kermit the Frog at Charlie Chaplin's Place - new 28 May 2006
Places: Hollywood Lived Here, Hollywood Worked Here - new 28 May 2006
A Birthday: An Odd Hollywood Star - new 28 May 2006
The Old Days: Pink, Blue, Green, Red - new 21 May 2006
On the Scene: Another Day in Hollywood (photo essay) - new 14 May 2006
The Eye: Looking Down on Ghosts (photo essay) - new 14 May 2006
Landmarks: Walk Like an Egyptian, or Something (The Egyptian Theater) - new 7 May 2006
Long Ago: Notes on Hollywood History - new 7 May 2006
Small Details: The George Harrison Tree at Griffith Park Observatory - new 7 May 2006
Signage: Displays in Hollywood - new 30 April 2006
Abstracts: Just Patterns from Hollywood Boulevard - new 30 April 2006
Red: Doors and Posters - new 30 April 2006
Far Out: Mythological Beasts in Hollywood - new 16 April 2006
Fame: The Eye on Sunset Boulevard - new 16 April 2006
Fan Stuff: The Movie Industry in One Block - Melrose at Bronson - new 10 April 2006
Morbid Hollywood (Hollywood Forever Memorial Park) - new 10 April 2006
History: The Labor Movement in Images - new 10 April 2006
Laurel Canyon: Rock's Answer to Jazz Age Paris, in the Rain - new 10 April 2006
Hollywood Storefronts - new 2 April 2006
Places Time Forgot - new 2 April 2006
Old Hollywood: Raymond Chandler Square - new 26 March 2006
Frank's Place: The Capitol Records Building - new 26 March 2006
Oscar Day: The Obscure Inside Scoop - new 12 March 2006
A Tour: Adventures in Hollywoodland - new 5 March 2006
The Industry: Very Local Organizations - new 5 March 2006
Odd Walls - new 5 March 2006
Values: Hollywood has always been out of touch with Middle America... - new 5 March 2006
Sherlock - new 5 March 2006
A Taste of Hollywood at Oscar Time (five nested pages) - new 26 February 2006
Gritty Hollywood
Hollywood Murals
A Resting Place: De Longpre Park
Working Hollywood: Little Theaters with Real People
Dead Hollywood: The Stars at Rest
On the Boulevard - Raymond Chandler Territory
Götterdämmerung, Hollywood Style
Sightseeing: Hollywood for Texans
On the Move: Driving Down Sunset Boulevard
Hollywood Ghosts
SCI-FI Corner: Watching the Skies (Hollywood and Toronto)
Danger: Being Careful Out Here
The Hollywood Eye

Beyond Hollywood

Cold War Scorpion - The Russian Attack Submarine in Los Angeles Waters - new 5 November 2006
Thai Town - Given Current Events, It Was Time to Visit Ours - new 24 September 2006
Little Tokyo - new 3 September 2006

Neighborhood Tour: The Fairfax District (four nested pages) - new 13 August 2006
Fame: In case you were wondering… - new 13 August 2006
Long Ago: History in the Window - new 13 August 2006
Oddities: Things That Aren't What They Seem, or Are - new 28 May 2006
Ominous Signs (Melrose Avenue) - new 14 May 2006
A Collection of Walls (Melrose Avenue) - new 14 May 2006
America and China: Los Angeles' Chinatown (seven nested pages of photographs) - new 23 April 2006
Stonework - new 19 March 2006
March Madness: The Most Picturesque Basketball Court In The World - new 19 March 2006
At Angels Gate: The Korean Bell of Friendship and Bell Pavilion, Angels Gate Park, San Pedro - new 12 March 2006
Lighthouses - new 12 March 2006
Italianate: Statuary at Malaga Cove Plaza - new 12 March 2006
Food for Thought - new 26 February 2006
A Tour of the Sunset Strip (seven nested pages)
Sunset Strip Noir (black and whites)
Just Below Sunset (Hollywood Without the Bling): Faces, Places, Geometric Pleasantries, Amazing Blooms
The moose is loose...
Wildfire: Watching the Hollywood Hills Burn
Hollywood Hills: Lifestyles of the Visually Confused
In those high rolling hills...
Guitar Row on Sunset Boulevard
Peculiarly Los Angeles: Melrose Avenue
Renoir on Wilshire Boulevard
The La Brea Tar Pits
On Location Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills
On Location: The Santa Monica Pier
Quiet Neighborhood: The Opposite of California Glitz
Landmarks: What Passes for History in Los Angeles
Sunday morning in the other Los Angeles - Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park
The Other Film Capital of Southern California - The Old MGM Studios in Culver City
Street Scenes: In and Around Broadway, Downtown Los Angeles
Malibu: Not Just Surfers
Malibu Calling: The Call to the Wall
Topanga Canyon - Its Own Place

Venice Beach

Intense Eccentricity - The Oddest Building in Venice Beach - new 24 September 2006
Trompe-l'œil - Additional Venice Beach Murals, the Surreal Ones - new 24 September 2006
Beach Studies - Every Picture Tells a Story - new 24 September 2006
The Edge of the Pacific
The Surreal Beach: Walls and Folk Art, Venice Beach, California
On Location: Touch of Evil
Local Shots: Venice and its Canals - 21 April 2005
Color Studies: Long Late Light, and a Pink Church Reconceptualized
Venice Beach Details
At the Edge: Surf and Sand and More

Other Beaches

Pacific Studies - new 22 October 2006

A Day at the Beach (Santa Monica Pier) - new 15 October 2006
Beach Triptych: The Forgotten Original - new 3 September 2006
Waves of Light (Surfrider Beach, Malibu) - new 6 August 2006
Surf City, USA - new 25 June 2006
Not Hollywood: Encinitas on a Quiet Afternoon - new 11 June 2006
Blue: Nautical Shots of a Sort - new 30 April 2006
The Coast - new 19 March 2006
Surf: Christmas Day in Encinitas
Christmas at the Beach: So Very Los Angeles
The Pacific: On the Shore Just Before Christmas
Signs Seen at the Beach
Hermosa and Manhattan Beach
Beach Sports: Surfing and Volleyball
Vistas: Sea, Sky and Long Hills
Early Sunday at the Beach


Eye Candy: The Thirty-Second Annual Festival of the Kite - new 6 August 2006
Bastille Day, Los Angeles (2006) - new 23 July 2006
May Day in Los Angeles, 2006 (Immigrant Rights Demonstrations)
Times Change: The Old Queen Mary Meets the New Queen Mary - new 26 February 2006
Backstage: Building the Floats for the Tournament of Roses Parade
A Mariachi Band
LA and Paris: A Late Bastille Day (2005)
West Hollywood Parade: Where was Paris Hilton? (Gay Pride Parade)
Memorial Day: A Traditional Album
Unexpected LA: Ice Hockey at the Beach
Beginnings: Baseball Season Starts
Oscar Morning in Hollywood (2005)


Halloween Images - new 29 October 2006
Easter (The Cross Above Hollywood Bowl) - new 16 April 2006
Christmas Streets
Christmas Money Shots: Christmas in the Land of the Obscenely Wealthy, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills
Christmas Displays: In the Windows of the Major Stores on Wilshire Boulevard
Christmas Whimsy: All Those Details of the Season
The Season: Christmas on the Way
Christmas Photography Beverly Hills: Optical Oddities
December 12, 2004 - Baccarat in Hollywood (actually Beverly Hills) - and a bit of Paris and Manhattan
Christmas Photography Hollywood Boulevard
Christmas Photography Beverly Hills: Optical Oddities
Halloween 2005 - Amateur Halloween, Hollywood Halloween, Flora and Fauna
Halloween 2004

Light and Shadow

Odd Walls - new 5 November 2006
Color Studies - new 29 October 2006
Story Walls - new 15 October 2006
Low-End Noir - Moody Stuff - new 8 October 2006
Windows and Signs - Just Noticing Things - new 8 October 2006
Sunset Strip Images - new 1 October 2006
Walls - Intense Brickwork - new 24 September 2006
One Shot - Perspective - The Vanishing Point - new 10 September 2006
Everyday Surrealism - new 3 September 2006
Words and Symbols - new 3 September 2006
Faces - new 20 August 2006
A Bicycle - new 20 August 2006
One Shot - new 20 August 2006
Kids at Play - new 13 August 2006
One Shot - new 13 August 2006
One Shot: The Dangers of Modern Life - new 6 August 2006
Colors: On the Boulevard and at the Beach - new 30 July 2006
One Shot: A Simple Wall - new 9 July 2006
Abstracts: The Heat - new 2 July 2006
Clouds: Storms Over Hollywood - new 2 July 2006
Colors: Studies in Blue... - new 25 June 2006
Trains: Wheels Are Turning - new 18 June 2006
Trains: Mediations on the Past, in Color - - new 11 June 2006
Long Light - new 11 June 2006
Treacherous Unbrightness - new 11 June 2006
Lens Work: New Eye on Hollywood - new 11 June 2006


Impressionism - Hollywood Nymphéas - new 21 May 2006
Cultural Dislocations - new 14 May 2006
Far East - new 10 April 2006
Georgia O'Keeffe - new 26 March 2006
Sculpture: Gentle Joking with the Rich - Otterness in Beverly Hills
Robert Williams: Through Prehensile Eyes
Public Art: Claus Oldenburg, Frank Gehry and Jonathan Borofsky
Sculpture Garden: Strange Encounters at UCLA
Cowboy Art: John Wayne and Larry Flint, and Harry Shapiro from Chicago, a good friend of Jackson Pollock, channeling Frederic Remington
Statement: A Famous Anti-War Monument in Santa Monica


Surreal Vehicle: The Goodyear Blimp
Aerial Photography: Long Beach and Los Angeles Harbor from a Blimp
A Ride on a B-17G over Los Angeles
The Western Museum of Flight
Back to the Start
Tigers that fly, or used to, and so much more?


Blast from the Past- A 1962 Corvair Monza - new 5 November 2006
Amazing Machines - Things to Do On a Sunday Afternoon in Hollywood, like dropping by the Second Annual Route 66 Highway of Dreams Charity Car Show - new 1 October 2006 Car Crazy - We love our cars out here - new 10 September 2006
- 1949 Super Sport
- Super Topless
- Flaming Fenders
- Oddities
A California Bird - new 20 August 2006
A Major Minor - new 13 August 2006
Automotive: Henry Made a Lady Out of Lizzie - new 6 August 2006
Car Talk: Conspicuous Consumption - new 9 July 2006
Grit: Not a Ferrari - new 28 May 2006
The Green Gumball - new 21 May 2006
Wretched Excess: Another Ferrari in Malibu - new 21 May 2006
Rich and Famous: The Eighth Annual Rodeo Drive Annual Concours
Hollywood Rides: The George Barris Collection
Oddities: The Double Mini and Captain Kirk
California Cars
Odd Cars: Los Angeles Style
Hot Rods on Sunset Boulevard

New York City

Manhattan: Façades and Details
Landmarks: Manhattan Reinterpreted
Symbols: New York's Finest
Acting Up: Manhattan Theater District
New York: A Good Day in Manhattan


Botanicals - new 5 November 2006
Halloween Blooms (at the graves of dead celebrities) - new 29 October 2006
Dark Flowers (not exactly Baudelaire, but something of the sort) - new 29 October 2006
Hibiscus - new 22 October 2006
Mixed Botanical Detail - new 22 October 2006
The Official Bloom - new 15 October 2006
The California Sun - new 15 October 2006
True Color Values - new 15 October 2006
In Close - new 8 October 2006
Extreme Roses - new 1 October 2006
Real and Better Than Real - new 24 September 2006
Brightness - new 10 September 2006
Full-On Colors - new 3 September 2006
Hibiscus - new 20 August 2006
Adventures in Backlighting - new 20 August 2006
Botanicals: Matched Sets - new 13 August 2006
Serenity - new 13 August 2006
Botanicals: In the Shadows - new 6 August 2006
Botanicals: Morning Mist - new 30 July 2006
Palms: So California - new 30 July 2006
Lotus Land - new 30 July 2006
Botanicals: Morning Light - new 23 July 2006
Hot Blooms - new 16 July 2006
Roses - new 16 July 2006
Botanicals: Keeping Cool - new 9 July 2006
Botanicals: Red, White and Blue - new 2 July 2006
Increasing Intensity - new 25 June 2006
The Unexpected (banana) - new 25 June 2006
Magnolia: A Little Bit of the Old South in Hollywood - new 25 June 2006
Jacaranda Time - new 18 June 2006
Botanicals: Close-Up Color - new 18 June 2006
Botanicals: Details, details, details... - new 11 June 2006
Botanicals: Starburst Patterns - new 28 May 2006
Botanicals: Two Contrasting Settings - new 21 May 2006
Les Fleurs du Mal - new 14 May 2006
Harsh Botanicals - new 14 May 2006
Easy on the Eyes - new 14 May 2006
Botanicals: Bursts of Color - new 7 May 2006
Palms - new 30 April 2006
Botanicals: Hot Ice - new 30 April 2006
Floral Context: At the Walt Disney Concert Hall Garden - new 23 April 2006
Botanicals: Working Close-up - new 23 April 2006
Patterns: The Geometry of Palms - new 16 April 2006
Botanicals: Easter Blooms - new 16 April 2006
Botanicals - new 10 April 2006
Botanicals: Gaudy Beverly Hills (Roses) - new 2 April 2006
Unknown Botanicals - new 26 March 2006
Known Botanicals - new 26 March 2006
Botanicals: Detailed Pairings - new 19 March 2006
Botanicals - new 12 March 2006
Botanicals - new 5 March 2006
Botanicals: Flames - new 26 February 2006
A Beach Trio
Groundhog Day Blooms
The Coral Tree
Christmas Blooms
Roses and More
Beverly Hills Blooms
December in Santa Monica
The Gardens of Greystone Mansion
In Bloom, Los Angeles - Late November 2005
November Blooms
Laurel Avenue
Rhyming With Purple
A Rose
Rose Avenue in Venice Beach
Not Barney: The Topiary Dinosaurs of Santa Monica
Hollywood Desert: Cacti and Such
Color Studies: Odd Colors
May Day: Botanical Detail
Beach Blooms: Growing at the Edge
It's Jacaranda Time Again
December Gardens
Odd - The famous (not really) Cactus Man of Mulholland Drive
Botanicals for those in colder climes?

Birds and more...

Beverly Hills Duck - new 22 October 2006
Heavenly Pond - An exercise in nature photography - new 10 September 2006
Odd Birds (pelicans close up) - new 6 August 2006
A Gull (and more) - new 6 August 2006
Shore Birds - new 23 July 2006
One Bee - new 23 July 2006
Beating the Heat (turtles, fish) - new 9 July 2006
Egrets in Context - new 21 May 2006
Other Birds - new 21 May 2006
Nature: The Birds and the Bees - new 30 April 2006
Ripples - new 16 April 2006
Birds - new 19 March 2006
Shore Birds: A Little Hitchcock, A Bit of Aerodynamics
Hummingbirds: Motion Capture
Topanga Canyon Hawk - A Red Tail
Odd Shot: Squirrel in Palm Tree

Miscellaneous Forty more links coming soon...

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Updated: Friday, 10 November 2006 2:47 PM PST
Hollywood First National Bank
Topic: Historic Hollywood

Hollywood First National Bank

A detail of the Hollywood First National Bank (6777 Hollywood Boulevard, at Highland), a building that shows up in the background of many photos here. It went up in 1927 - Meyer and Holler, the architects, also designed the famous Chinese Theater one block west. This thing, an odd combination of Gothic and Art Deco, was, at the time, the tallest building in Los Angeles (thirteen stories), until the Los Angeles City Hall was built in 1932.

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