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"It is better to be drunk with loss and to beat the ground, than to let the deeper things gradually escape."

- I. Compton-Burnett, letter to Francis King (1969)

"Cynical realism – it is the intelligent man’s best excuse for doing nothing in an intolerable situation."

- Aldous Huxley, "Time Must Have a Stop"

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Monday, 8 March 2004

Topic: Photos

White Stuff

This is what they call, out here in Hollywood, a money shot.

No it isn't. Some of you actually know what a "money shot" is. But let that pass.

Lunaria (annua: Lunaria biennis - biennial), sometimes known as "Money Plant" - and in Old England and the remote hollows of Appalachia known as "Honesty." In my kitchen window on a cloudless, ninety-degree afternoon. The Santa Ana winds have kicked up and the humidity has dropped to nearly zero. The cat is upset as every time her nose touches something there a spark and she jumps back. She glares at me like it's my fault. Oh well.

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