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Earl, from deep in Ohio sends this along.  Yep, he's at Denison University in Granville, and for those of you familiar with the place, he's actually in Slayter Hall.  That might sound a bit provincial, but he and Dasa just returned from a month in Presov, Republika Slovenska.  He gets around.

Earl is working on working on an essay titled "The MoJesus Connection - the Roots of Terror" - but, as he says, that will have to come in installments.
For now, this:
Free Enterprise
Swollen with the leaven of spoken & written words
I need to be kneaded...
Punched, pulled & pummeled into something
fit for human consumption.
Needing & being kneaded, kneading & being needed
Are somehow all of a piece.
To feed & be fed there is work to be done
by & to us.
To know when/which is our lot
is not always clear.
To know it is our lot to consume & be consumed
is essential.
Like the mythical snake swallowing its tail,
the human spirit has a cannibalistic nature.
By logarhythmic progression & quantum leaps
the spirit grows
merely to whet an appetite
insatiably satisfied.
Capitalism of the heart & soul
would not deplete & despoil the earth.
Free enterprise of the spirit
could make us truly free!