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November 16, 2003 Odds and Ends

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President Bush and NAKED WOMEN!
         ... and an ironic Reuters dispatch at the end
Much had been written about over the last several weeks about how our president thinks the media filters the truth about things, and how he says he never, ever reads newspapers because he prefers his news "unfiltered" - in summary form from his subordinates. 
Perhaps that explains why George Bush decided that the one print interview he will give prior to his visit in the UK next week will be with The Sun - amid stories like one about "a woman who is 'made of two women' and is NOT the biological mother of two of the children she conceived and had naturally" and "Man begins 12-day sausage, bean and chip bath to promote Brit food," "German saboteurs plotted to bomb Palace with peas in WW2, files reveal," and "Sobbing islanders say sorry to the ancestor of minister eaten by natives." 
The Sun is what is called a tabloid.

I'm not sure what this is about.  Is Karl Rove, Bush's political advisor, making another in-your-face gesture to the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and New York Times - and all the other mainstream media that have been so irresponsible and reported bad things in Iraq and not the good things?  Perhaps. 
Perhaps the Washington Post who reported on this is right - this is a thank you to Rupert Murdoch, who owns the Sun, for all the support Rupert Murdoch's Fox News has given Bush.  Is has been widely reported that during the buildup to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, all 175 Murdoch-owned newspapers and media outlets worldwide editorialized in favor of the war.  He's a friend.  A good friend.
But Rupert Murdoch also owns the Times of London.  Well, the Times of London is a bit stuffy.  Or perhaps Rove and Bush see no difference between the Sun and the Times.  Perhaps Rupert Murdoch sees no difference.  Both are newspapers.  One is as good as another.

This exclusive Sun interview surely will not convince the skeptical Europeans that Bush is a man of high moral standing, of deep thoughtfulness, and of pure, Christian values.  Are Bush and Rove just tweaking the European public and mocking their "high seriousness" or something like that?

My thought is that this is an attempt to show Bush can connect with the "common man" - not the pointy-headed intellectuals who find out about the world through "the majors" (the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and New York Times and the ilk).  Real people read, and believe, what they see in the National Inquirer after all.


The story by Dana Milbank - Prez in Topless Tabloid - London Paper Nabs Rare Bush Exclusive was in the Washington Post Saturday, November 15, 2003 and opened with "President Bush has gone down-market."
After coming to office with a vow to restore dignity to the White House, the president yesterday took a brief sabbatical from that effort: He granted an exclusive interview to a British tabloid that features daily photographs of nude women and articles akin to those found in our own National Enquirer.

Press secretary Scott McClellan broke the news yesterday with nonchalance. "Good morning," he told reporters. "The president had his usual briefings this morning and just recently completed an interview with the Sun, for a discussion of his upcoming visit to the United Kingdom."
A British journalist for a more highbrow outlet was not about to let that slip by unnoticed. "Just to clarify," he asked, "why has the president chosen to do an interview with the Sun?  It's a newspaper which publishes daily pictures of topless women."
Good question!  Inquiring minds want to know!

But here's the Milbank teaser:
Word on Fleet Street is it's an obvious payoff to the Sun's owner, Rupert Murdoch, the conservative publisher behind many Bush-friendly news outlets such as Fox News.  Officials at the White House acknowledge that it was a reward to the Sun for its unstinting support of the United States regarding the war in Iraq. (The Sun's pro-Bush stance also got it an interview with Vice President Cheney in late 2001.)  But Bush aides also said it was done on the recommendation of Tony Blair, Britain's Labor Party prime minister, who has worked hard to bring the Sun away from its Tory Party roots.
Well, maybe so.  I like my "common man" theory better.

Oh, and by the way, just how influential and powerful is Rupert Murdoch?

Try this:

The Times is a broadsheet national daily newspaper in Britain. It is presently part of the News Corporation group, controlled by Rupert Murdoch. For much of its history it was regarded as without rival, the "newspaper of record" for Britain and played an influential role in politics and shaping public opinion to foreign events. More recently it has tended to reflect its proprietors conservative political views.

News Corporation holdings per the Columbia Journalism Review -


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Murdoch is seeking to acquire DirecTV in 2003 for six billion dollars (US)
Friday, October 31, 2003
By Scott Lanman / Bloomberg News 
Friday, October 31, 2003
News Corp.'s agreement to buy a 34 percent stake in Hughes Electronics Corp., the biggest U.S. satellite-television provider, will be reviewed by the U.S. Federal Communication Commission this year, an official said. 
The FCC will decide whether to approve the purchase "certainly by the end of the year," Kenneth Ferree, chief of the FCC's media bureau, said at an investors' conference in Washington.
[... and so on and so forth ]
Here's an interesting item.  Our guys in Iraq are getting a bit testy.  Of course, this would never happen over here.  But it is one way of deal with people who have a "bad attitude."  Reuters is not owned by Rupert Murdoc.
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - American soldiers handcuffed and firmly wrapped masking tape around an Iraqi man's mouth as they arrested him for speaking out against occupation troops.
Asked why the man had been arrested on Tuesday and put into the back of a Humvee vehicle on Tahrir Square, the commanding officer told Reuters at the scene: "This man has been detained for making anti-coalition statements."
He refused to say what the man said. 
A U.S. military spokesman said he had no immediate information on the incident.
U.S. politicians and military commanders often say they toppled Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein so that Iraqis can enjoy free speech and democracy after years of iron-fisted rule.
Another U.S. soldier swore at Iraqis as he ordered them to move back. Schoolteachers and young students looked on.
The troops had earlier closed off the sprawling square with barbed wire to search for home-made bombs, which along with rocket-propelled grenades have killed 153 American soldiers since major combat was declared over on May 1.
Oh my.