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August 17, 2003 Links and Recommendations

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New this week:

Los Angeles readers will want to check out Edgefest 2003 which is the one and only theater festival out here.

Edgefest 2003 is this year "Charting the Unknown" and that means forty-nine "edgy" theater shows in and around Hollywood from October 4 to October 19.

Check out what they are up to at www.edgeoftheworld.org of course.

Twenty-three years ago when my first marriage ended and I moved out here from upstate New York I rented a place right on the water down in Manhattan Beach.  The little street that ran down to the sand stopped there.  The sign said DEAD END.  You could go no further west.  The edge of the continent.  The end.  I see what these folks are up to.


When I want to know what's happening I consult these links....
Ric Erickson's weekly on-line magazine from Paris, MetropoleParis, updated each Monday night: 
LA Weekly for what is happening out this way, updated every Thursday:
Drop me a line at Contact "Just Above Sunset" if you would like a list of the bookmarks (links) I use regularly...

  • North American Newspapers
  • European Press in English
  • French Press, dailies and weeklies in French
  • Opinion (left and right) and political humor/satire 
  • Streaming live radio (news, music, talk) and streaming video (news, music, talk, and where to find episodes of The Simpsons dubbed in French)


Highly Recommended
Emmanuelle Richard 
http://www.emmanuellerichard.com/ is a French freelance journalist who had been based in Los Angeles since 1998.  She covers news in the western United States for French radio (France Info, France Inter) and Swiss radio (Radio Suisse Romande).  She writes regularly for the daily Libération
Her bilingual (French-English) web log is quite good.  You'll find it here -
http://www.emmanuelle.net/ with daily entries since October 2000.  A good take on life out here.  She said nice things about Just Above Sunset there, and I soon saw logons from France, the Netherlands, Germany and Portugal. 


Other forums, other audiences...
Interested in some Canadian writing?  You might want to check out The Writers' Collective, or maybe even join - I don't think you have to live in Sarnia or Moosejaw or Mississauga or any place like that: http://groups.msn.com/TheWritersCollective/