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August 10, 2003 Odds and Ends

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Item 1: Folk Art, or Commercial Promotion
I've been to a few state and county fairs over the years and these celebrations always have something that just seems beyond category.  My first wife and I raised goats for a time, or a goat actually.  Iris was a fine goat.  So I like to go see the goats. 
But there's usually something like this.  At this year's Illinois State Fair you will find a full-sized sculpture of a cow made entirely from butter, in a refrigerated glass display of course.  I'm not sure when the fair ends, but here - http://www.agr.state.il.us/isf/webcam/cowcam.htm  - you will find a live webcam of the cow, so you can stare at for hours if you wish, in real time.  Just as if you were actually there.
This explanation is provided - "The butter cow has been an unofficial icon of the fair since the 1920's. This year's Buttercow will be sculpted by Nancy Hise. Nancy uses 500 pounds of unsalted butter to sculpt the life size figure by hand over a wire and wood frame. The process takes about two days. After the fair, the butter will be removed and reused in her next sculpture."
There is also a link to a profile of the artist.
I seem to remember at a fair we visited in Canada one summer long ago we came across a large butter sculpture of Queen Elizabeth. A full-size Queen of England.   I do not think it was any sort of political statement, just a promotion for the Canadian dairy industry.  I wonder if the queen knew, and if so, how she reacted.

Item 2: Dr Zhivago loses it!

Sharif Sentenced for Headbutting (BBC NEWS - Published: 2003/08/07 11:59:40 GMT)
Omar Sharif, star of Lawrence Arabia and Dr Zhivago, has been sentenced after headbutting a policeman in a Parisian casino last month.
The Egyptian-born actor, 71, told the court he could not remember the incident, according to officials, but the incident had been captured on the casino's security cameras.

Sharif was given a one-month suspended prison sentence and fined 1,500 euros (1,100), French court officials said.
He had been gambling at the Enghien-les-Bains casino in the suburbs of Paris on 5 July, and had lost approximately 30,000 euros (22,000) over the night.

He then got into an argument with the croupier, and a policeman was called.
Sharif then insulted and headbutted the policeman. The officer had to take two days off work after the incident.
The court also told Sharif to pay the policeman 300 euros (220).
The actor played Sherif Ali ibn el Kharish in the 1962 David Lean classic Lawrence of Arabia, starring Peter O'Toole, and played the lead in Lean's 1965 adaptation of Boris Pasternak's Dr Zhivago.
He more recently appeared in the Antonio Banderas epic The 13th Warrior.
From a friend who love his films: "Oh no! - What's the world coming to when Dr. Zhivago causes pain, not soothes pain?"
No, he's not a doctor.  He only plays one in the movies.