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This is the original website with its archives from Issue 1, Volume 1  May 26, 2003 through the issue shown here

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From the Archives - Most Requested:
Phillip Raines' extraordinary photo-essay on the treehouse he built deep in the wilds of northern Florida in The Treehouse by Phillip Raines continued in a second piece Treehouse Chronicles with supplimental photographs from September 1st in Phillip Raines Photographs 
Note: The first re-edited with additional text on 4 August 2003 and the second from the 24 August 2003 issue.
Phillip Raines' appreciation of James Brown from the issue of November 9, 2003 is here: I WAS JUST THIS CLOSE

Volume 2, Number 8
Monday, February 23, 2004

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Click here for large high-resolution version....

Click here for large high-resolution version...

Sunday afternoon clouds over Hollywood - at 3:00 from my window...
Click on either image for a large high-resolution version of the photograph.

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