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"It is better to be drunk with loss and to beat the ground, than to let the deeper things gradually escape."

- I. Compton-Burnett, letter to Francis King (1969)

"Cynical realism – it is the intelligent man’s best excuse for doing nothing in an intolerable situation."

- Aldous Huxley, "Time Must Have a Stop"

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Sunday, 27 November 2005

Topic: Announcements

The Mother Ship Has Landed

The new issue of Just Above Sunset - Volume 3, Number 48 for the week of Sunday, November 27, 2005 - is now online. This is the magazine-format parent to this web log and contains much that does not appear here.

In current events, last week opened with a curveball, a fellow who said things we knew weren't true that we decided were true, and it was off to war - the details come out. But then all those folks who said the war wasn't about oil may have been right - it was about sexual insecurity (maybe). Then there is the country's reputation now - an analysis with additional and new comments from our writers in Paris and Atlanta. But then again, events in Iraq seem now a lot like events in the eighties in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador (and the players are the same). And who can forget Jack and Bobby? Everyone.

Compare and contrast the religious beliefs of a cynical Las Vegas magician and the dean of American conservatives? Why not? It was on the radio.

The International Desk? Ric Erickson, Our Man in Paris, notes things are back to normal. No riots - a publishing scandal, and good photos. (Mick McCahill, Our Man in London will return next week.)

Bob Patterson casts George Bush (the younger) as a philosopher, specifically as an existentialist. Yeah, it's a stretch, but that's Bob. They don't call him the World's Laziest Journalist for nothing. As the Book Wrangler, though, he suggests a class you might want to take, if only for the guest speakers.

Photography covers two sides of the world, with a walk through Paris and an oddity in Morocco, and in these parts a tour of a local mansion featured in many, many feature films (along with botanical shots for those who keep asking for those). There's also a link to an extensive photo album of that.

The quotes this week? Who do you trust? It seemed appropriate.

Direct links to specific pages -

Current Events ______________________

Big Story Weekend: The Sunday Funnies Featuring Curveball
Authentic Motivation: It Really Is Always About Sex
Reputation: Does What Others Think Matter?
Resolving Dissonance: Explaining the Inexplicable (and Iraq as El Salvador)
November Anniversaries: Times Have Changed

Religion ______________________

Deep Thoughts: Mondays With Murrow

The International Desk ______________________

Our Man in Paris: Nicolas to the Rescue
Our Man in London: [will return next week]

Bob Patterson ______________________

WLJ Weekly: from the Desk of the World's Laziest Journalist - Is Dubya Heading for the Existentialist Hall of Fame?
Book Wrangler: Writing Suspense and Horror Fiction

Guest Photography ______________________

Paris Winter: Sunday in the City of Light
Markers: Signs of Victory (one sign from Casablanca)

Hollywood Photography ______________________

On Location: Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills
Botanicals: The Gardens of Greystone Mansion

Quotes for the week of November 27, 2005 - Who do you trust?

Links and Recommendations: New Photo Album - As Seen in Many Major Films

Ignore all signs -

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