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"It is better to be drunk with loss and to beat the ground, than to let the deeper things gradually escape."

- I. Compton-Burnett, letter to Francis King (1969)

"Cynical realism – it is the intelligent man’s best excuse for doing nothing in an intolerable situation."

- Aldous Huxley, "Time Must Have a Stop"

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Sunday, 23 April 2006
Hot of the Virtual Press
Topic: Announcements

Hot of the Virtual Press

Just Above Sunset logoThe new issue of Just Above Sunset, the weekly magazine-format site that is parent to this daily web log, is now online. This is Volume 4, Number 17 for the week of April 23, 2006.

This week's current events took some odd turns, and the extended commentary covers, first, the current rhetoric regarding Iran, as it got all Germanic as everyone seemed to talk about the Rhineland in the thirties for some reason. And there's a second item on how positions are hardening, and why, and of course, a discussion of the big changes at the White House that weren't. And of course, what would political week be without a discussion of alarmists, and their credibility? And finally, a long item on leaking secrets and the press, the big story that ended the week with a CIA executive being fired.

On the other hand, you will also find a discussion of a conversation now going on in Britain - is boredom actually good for you?

The photography this week, in honor of the visit of the president of China to the White House, opens with seven pages of photographs of Los Angeles' Chinatown, with some notes on what that man from China might make of it all, and of course, a shot or two of the impressive statue of Joan of Arc in our Chinatown (really). For architecture buffs, new detailed shots of Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles and shots from the gardens there. And there are the usual botanicals, this week even more detailed.

Our friend from Texas returns with notes of the weird, and the quotes this week match current events, as they concern keeping secrets.

And there are links to two external pages of additional nature photos.

Direct links to specific pages -

Extended Observations on Current Events ______________________

Springtime for Hitler
Fixed Positions: No One Now Gives an Inch
Perspective: Making Much of News of Superficial Changes
Alarmists and Others: When to Worry, When to Not Worry
Shutting Things Down


Boredom: More Useful Than You Thought

Southern California Photography ______________________

America and China: Los Angeles' Chinatown (seven nested pages of photographs)
Architecture: At the Walt Disney Concert Hall
Floral Context: At the Walt Disney Concert Hall Garden
Botanicals: Working Close-up


Quotes for the week of April 23, 2006 – State Secrets

Additional nature photography at Just Above Sunset Photography ______________________

Calm (a turtle and a bee)
Motion Capture (birds)

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